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Like all variations of Goth this must be expressed physically in your style of dress, personality and knowledge of the subculture.

The Gothic Culture tends to be baroque and somewhat sarcastic in nature. For example A political message of women's rights might have many [female symbols] hanging upside-down or spray painted on the back of a leather jacket, perhaps alongside female Deathrock band pins or buttons. If this is the case you would be considered a Socio-Political DeathRocker.

An LGBTQ Activist that considers themselves a DeathRocker might have the traditional rainbow flag in different shades of grey.

An Atheist/Secular Humanist Trad or Cabaret Goth may wear exactly 13 forward facing crosses. A very Geek Goth who is an Atheist/Secular Humanist may wear 47 forward facing crosses. (upside down crosses imply Satanism or Blasphemy or Heavy Metal).

Conservationist, Vegan or Animal Lover who wears many Bats or many Cats or many Whales (customize earrings or necklaces that drape 8 Bats from your right ear, 4 Whales from your left ear, and and a necklace with a Saber Toothed Tiger).

Global Climate change? ? Tattoo the notes from Ride Of The Valkyries, wear a badass cape and call yourself a Romantic Goth. That or O Fortuna. And request those songs EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

There are many many, MANY more examples of Goths who have a Social or Political message can express this -

  1. Choose what type of Goth you are (not mutually exclusive)
  2. Figure out a way to express it physically.
  3. Have a clear and direct message (This IS mutually exclusive (you CAN be a Vegan, Anarchist, Democratic Socialist - but you can ONLY choose ONE to express physically)....
  4. So wear the pins that express your Feminist message; the crosses the express you Secular Humanist Message; the animal pendants that express your Conservationist message; OR tattoo the notes of an impending Apocalypse.
  5. These are conversation starters. PICK ONE. If someone doesn't care to start or continue a conversation with you, move on.

Christ V. Warhol political Deathrock band

Many bands have Social or Political messages - from the precursors of Goth music to present day bands. However BEING Goth is exactly FOUR things - a choice, a fashion, a style of music, and a knowledge of the history. 

Being a Socio - Political Goth requires ONE extra step. A physical expression of something you care about (and actually caring about it). You can care about more than thing and we all do. 

But you have to but all the that emphasism, all the poise, pout, drama and darkness into just ONE thing - for me it's crosses/rosaries - nothing like being raised Catholic to make the best Skeptic/Secular Humanist - and forever I shall proselytize my ways.