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Christian goth is a real genre of goth as opposed to popular belief. Christian goths are similar to Trad goths, Corp goths, and Romantic goths. Many Christian goths are denounced by poseurs, even though crosses and other religious symbolism are involved. Christian Goths are controversial, due to their contradictory nature.
'''The Genre'''
There are a few Christian goth bands out there. these are Saviour Machine, Undish, and Dead Artist Syndrome. There are also good unblack metal bands such as- Horde, Antestor, and Slechtvalk
'''You know you are a Christian goth if you:'''
* Are a Christian
* Enjoy the darker aesthetics
* Prefer heavier music, especially death-doom and unblack metal
* Have a "good" moral code of conduct
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[[Category:Gothtypes Wiki]]

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