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Corp Goth

With age, as a Baby Bat steps on towards the rest of high school, then college, then the real world, the question will haunt many Goths; How does one make the darker aesthetics work for them in the working world? The answer is Corp Goth. This is a type of Goth that is mainly fashion, since it's a counterpart of one's usual fashions that they have to live with. People of all musical preferences can take part in Corp Goth for daily life at the office, and add their own spin on it by adding Romantic, Fetish, Traditional, or any other type of style to their already dark work-wear. For some, Goth is a phase, but for others, it's a lifestyle that they wouldn't soon abandon, and Corp Goth lets them keep their dark ways while not being too extreme to get instantly denied access to a serious job interview.

The fashion is fairly simple; dominantly black dress shirts, ties, pencil skirts, trousers, suits, tailcoats and jackets. A pinstripe pattern is also a nice touch, adding a little extra detail to an outfit. Any extra tidbits; jewelry or pocketwatches, could also be added to make the Corp Goth fashion one's own. Makeup for the office would be fairly simple, not extreme, but still enough to be dark. (A simple line of eyeliner, perhaps?)

Think Corp Goth could work for you?

  • You want to work in an office of some kind
  • You like the formal work-wear
  • You want to keep your Gothy ways

These kinds of dress codes don't have to be followed for every occasion, and black certainly isn't the only color required for this style. Be you, and let it shine even in the workplace!

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