Deathrocker Couple

Deathrockers are a type of people who evolved in between the Punk and Goth subcultures. Unlike the Goths, these people may have wanted the darker spin on Punk style, but not the softer spin on Punk music. Their most famous hairstyle, the "Deathhawk", is known around both Goth and Punk subcultures, resembling a traditional Punk mohawk without the single spikes and with bits of hair on the side left long and possibly colored. The fashion is almost identical to the typical Punk fashions, only with less color and more black, along with darker makeup and paler faces. The music is a spin-off of Punk Rock, with spookier, more morbid themes, although many Deathrockers may like Trad Goth 80's music like Alien Sex Fiend or Specimen. Horror, spooky aspects, death, bats, or zombies are favorites of this cousin, and they love the old, cheesier horror movies. The Deathrockers are known for having a good sense of humor, too. Many people argue whether or not they're part of the Goth subculture, but these people may or may not care to be called one.

What's its connection to Goth?

Many would call this group of people the "missing link" between Goth and Punk, seeing as it cleverly blends elements of both into what could look like an interesting transition stage from Punk to the first Trad Goths. Their dark clothes, love of the dark, spooky, and morbid, and their love of dark makeup and big hair make them easily confused as Goth.

Think Deathrocker is more your thing?

  • You love Punk and Goth themes
  • You love cheesy horror movies, the horror genre, spooky, morbid and dark things
  • You love big hair and bold, exaggerated makeup
  • You love harder music, Punk music, rock music, and 80's Goth music
  • You have a sense of humor people would describe as "off"

If these things appeal to you, you may like the Punk scene, but you are you, and you only! You don't have to make yourself fit any mold, you can create your own, and that's the beauty of these subcultures and types!

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