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Artwork by Amy Brown

Fairy Goth can be considered a crossover of Romantic and Hippy Goth. Even if the picture to the right is only a painting (by the lovely fairy artist, Amy Brown) it's still a fair shot at what a Fairy Goth might be going for. This type has a love for fairies over the typical vampires, werewolves or witches and loves fantasy and mystical themes. The aesthetics of fairies appeal to them greatly, and they may even enjoy roleplaying out in the woods with friends. Slow, "element" themed songs may be enjoyed by them, adding to the mystery of their fairy world. Renaissance faires are a great place for these Goths, just like their Medival siblings. Blending in the dark, morbid traits of Goth with fairies created a beautiful type that can be enjoyed by all.

Since this type is blending Romantic and Hippy elements, they enjoy flowing garnments that remind them of a magickal land, long robes and possibly even staffs and wands. Their hair is typically flowing and they may have some kind of flower, circlet or crown on their head. The Fairy Goths may prefer lighter hair colors to give that inhuman, magickal appearance. Makeup, for men and women, can be a pale face with a smokey eye makeup style. A nice piece of jewelry that looks like an enchanted emblem or stone would bolster the look, and of course, a pair of wings.

Think Fairy Goth could be your thing?

  • You love fairies and fairy art
  • You love the dark, brooding, morbid aesthetics
  • You love fantasy and magick
  • You love to roleplay
  • You love to attend Renaissance faires and other such events
  • You love staffs and wands
  • You love romance and nature
  • You love melodic, elemental music

These are just some of the things that could make Trad Goth your thing. It's up to you to find out what you like and dislike, Remember, there are no rules as to what mold you have to fit in the Goth subculture. You could combine aspects from all different types and make it completely your own, or gravitate to one particular style that you really like. It's all up to you!

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