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This wiki is all about the different types of Goth and the little aspects of the Goth culture that make it lovable. :)
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Goth: Myths, Distinctions, and Lovable Traits

On this wiki are many pages about the different types of Goth, the different myths and their falsehoods, and the many things that make Goth a great subculture for people wanting to be a part of it or aren't sure if it's their thing! No one has to be Goth and there certainly aren't any rules on how to be one, so it becomes a challenge to create one's own style that isn't blatantly copying off of someone else they see. The good news is; your style is yours, and yours only. You can borrow from others, aim for a certain mold, or make your own mold! There's an endless amount of possibilities. Check out all the types, starting here!

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