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Cover of "Gothic Charm School", book by Jillian Venters

For all those who want to get into the subculture, find out more about it or understand the ethics behind it, Jillian Venters' Gothic Charm School is a book and website that really helps people clear up any misconceptions. Parents of Goths, friends of Goths, or Goths themselves can all learn a thing or two from her. The book is funny and informative, and her website is full of responses to those crying for help and advice, along with reviews, links to clothing stores and helpful tips about where to find trinkets and other accessories. Her website can be found here , and her book on Amazon . She also has a Tumblr , Facebook  and Twitter account full of adorable tidbits, and a Youtube channel with a few videos explaining Goth and what it means to be one. She's incredibly well known and loved among those in the subculture for her gentle ways of giving advice and explaining what Goth is really about.

As a child, Madam Venters was spooky and morbid compared to most other kids, and she loved learning about witches, ghosts vampires, and other spooky things. She now works in an office, as she posts on her Tumblr, and lives in Seattle while writing all about the Goth subculture for her many readers. I'd easily recommend her 

Jillian Venters, Goth and author of Gothic Charm School book and advice column

book to anyone wishing to know about the subculture, since it explains the dilemmas Goths face as Baby Bats, in school, in romance, and in every day life. Dress for winter and summer along with work are described, stereotypes are debunked, an overview of Goth history is discussed, fashion, being polite and club etiquette are explained, and the very key tricks to knowing if Goth is one's cup of tea are mentioned. It's a fabulous book full of wonderful information, and it doesn't just stop with the book either. The website is always updated with new advice and responses to questions e-mailed to Madam Venters, who calls herself "Lady of the Manners".

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