Gothic Decora is relatively new, but also extremely rare. This style takes the Japanese Harajuku street fashion "Decora Kei" and uses a Gothic colour scheme - commonly, black.

Decora Kei can have similarities to Emo, Pastel Goth, Perky/Bubble Goth and Oshare Kei, but unlike these fashions, they go crazy with colourful or cute accessories, commonly of beads, shapes, animals and other cute items.

Advice for those new to this is to take inspiration from any fashion you wish - Gothic Lolita is heavily suggested - but add bits of Decora Kei flair to it.

Good places to get inspiration/examples: - Babymetal - Harajuku street fashion magazines - Certain anime characters

This is one of two types of Harajuku Goth mixes, The other being Gothic Gyaru.

If you feel you are Gothic Decora you may have interests in: - Hello Kitty, animal plushi I'm es, My Little Pony etc - Pastel colours - Extreme cute accessories - Harajuku street fashion - Being joyful and bright

Remember that you don't need to have all the interests above to be either Goth or Decora. As long as you are happy, that is all that matters.

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