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A Hippy Goth

Like regular hippies, the Hippy Goth type can and usually may be incredibly eco- and animal friendly, possibly being vegan or vegetarian as well. The difference lies in this type's more morbid, dark splash on regular hippy lifestyle and fashion. These kinds of Goths also may be very interested in the occult or Earth religions like Pagan or Wicca. (Not to say that everyone in these religions is a Hippy Goth, of course.) Magick in particular is very interesting to them. Typical music for these kinds of Goths are Pagan Rock, folk music (especially Celtic) and generally anything that tickles their fancy.

There are no requirements to be a Hippy Goth whatsoever, and many stereotypes can be lost very easily.

Typical dress would be long black or dark colored dresses, flowy shirts or pants, dark colored bandanas and large glasses. It's almost like taking Goth back to the 70's. Occult symbols are also present. Makeup has no set style, but in general, an eyeliner style like cat's eye with bolder lips tends to work fairly well.

Think Hippy Goth could be your thing?

  • You love nature and animals
  • You love magick and the occult
  • You're in an Earth religion (completely optional)
  • You love folk music or folk metal
  • You love getting together with friends or being active in goals for animal rights and eco-protection
  • You love a morbid, dark tinge to your style

These are just some of the things that could make Hippy Goth your thing. It's up to you to find out what you like and dislike, Remember, there are no rules as to what mold you have to fit in the Goth subculture. You could combine aspects from all different types and make it completely your own, or gravitate to one particular style that you really like. It's all up to you!

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