Punk was the predecessor of the Goth subculture. It's basically what spurred the movement along. These people were into the more hardcore, loud, aggressive, over the top fashions and music that were called things like "garage rock" and "street punk". The ideaologies behind punk weren't stapped down to one political view, but in general, many punks had a DIY, anti-authority attitude. (The reason why people might associate an anarchy label with punks.) This group of people had a larger appreciation of the shock value their clothes, makeup, and body modifications stirred up than the Goth subculture might have nowadays. They held their clothes together with safety pins or tape, scrawled on them with markers or paint, dye their hair and spike itup or anything else to be anti-conformist and help stand out against the other people in everyday life.  The term "most pit" originated here, where people slam danced at punk rock and metal concerts in a group that people could jump into if they wanted. Many films have had punk themes, and many pieces of poetry came from the punk people. Since the subculture's arrival, it's spurred on many stereotypes, and other branches of subcultures.

What's its connection to Goth?

The Punk subculture started in the 1970's, where aggressive, loud music was a hit. Some people wanted a softer, spookier, more brooding and emotional take to that kind of music, and people with big hair and punk pieces dyed black started listening to the bands that came out like The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees. They enjoyed the more morbid and depressing, the aspect of graveyards and bats, the less extreme dancing in the clubs, and the predominantly black clothing. Those people were the very first Trad Goths that then helped the rest of the subculture flesh itself out.

Think Punk is more your thing?

  • You love loud, aggressive rock and metal
  • You love anti-conformity and anti-authority themes
  • You love creative expression
  • You love radical styles of dress

If these things appeal to you, you may like the Punk scene, but you are you, and you only! You don't have to make yourself fit any mold, you can create your own, and that's the beauty of these subcultures and types!

Types of Goth

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Other Goth Cousins
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