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A group of Steampunk Goths

Personally, I like to think of Steampunk as a cross between Victorian and Cyber Goth. The style is the Cyber Goth of the Victorian Era; a futuristic, bronze cog-filled world of futuristic inventions and adventures with flares of mechanical genius and Victorian fashions. People of this type generally enjoy science fiction and Victorian literature, mish-mashing the two together into a type of fantasy that attracts them to roleplaying events. The Steampunk fashion is gaining popularity every day, as people turn ordinary phone cases and handheld game consoles into Victorian sci-fi wonders filled with cogs, wires and bronze metal. This type's music involved typical Victorian Goth music like Rasputina, and musicians such as Emilie Autumn.

The usual dress of a Steampunk Goth is trousers, jackets, boots, top hats, cravars, large dresses, suspenders, gloves or grieves, corsets, and big skirts, all decorated with cogs, wires, copper and bronze items, cog jewelry, and possibly cosplay weapons such as a Victorian-futuristic gun, like a musket with sci-fi attachments. Makeup can be minimal or elegant and smokey like a Romantic or Victorian Goth.

Think Steampunk could be your thing?

  • You love Victorian styles and literature
  • You love futuristic and sci-fi themes
  • You love roleplaying and adventure
  • You love DIY gadgets and accessories
  • You love the look of bronze and copper
  • You love music like Rasputina, Emilie Autumn, opera and classical
  • You love dark aesthetics

These are just some of the things that could make Trad Goth your thing. It's up to you to find out what you like and dislike, Remember, there are no rules as to what mold you have to fit in the Goth subculture. You could combine aspects from all different types and make it completely your own, or gravitate to one particular style that you really like. It's all up to you!

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